Matthew Lynch is an Artist, Photographer and picture framer based in London.

The work of Matthew Lynch revolves around artistic production methods, with focus upon seeing the process of how an artwork is made over what an artwork is as a completed object.

His works consists of designed and built machines, mechanisms or systems that in turn make physical art objects such as sculptures, drawings or photographic prints. The role of the artist as a maker is questioned in this practice, exchanging the role of the maker to that of a technician or craftsman and the role of the machine to automated artist.

“Can a machine originate something? E.g. Can a machine make something new, meaningful, surprising and of value: A poem, an artwork, a useful idea, a solution to a long standing problem?” – John McCormack

The machines mass produces objects of originality, rarity and individuality. No two artworks made by the apparatus can ever be the same, creating a sense of value or authenticity that can usually only be originated by something natural, living or conscious.